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This the first large scale clinical trial internationally to assess these screening tests in an HPV vaccinated population.

Primary HPV DNA testing has been reviewed and endorsed as a primary cervical screening method by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. A number of large scale randomised controlled trials of primary HPV DNA screening have found that HPV screening is more sensitive in detecting precancerous lesions than cytology-based screening and that it can safely be conducted at a longer interval (see fig 1). However to date there have been no specific trials that support primary HPV DNA testing for cervical screening in the Australian context.

Fig 2 Kaplan-Meier plots of cumulative incidence rate for CIN3+ for women according to baseline test results in first 72 months of follow-up, excluding Denmark and Tübingen.

Dillner J et al. BMJ 2008;337:bmj.a1754
 ©2008 by British Medical Journal Publishing Group

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