Inclusion Criteria
  • Australian female resident born on or after 1 July 1980 AND aged at least 25
  • Either:
    • Undergoing routine cervical screening
    • In follow-up/management of previous abnormality or unsatisfactory Pap smear
    • Previously enrolled in the Compass Pilot but discharged to routine screening
Exclusion Criteria
  • Previous total hysterectomy (uterus and cervix)
  • The presence of symptoms for which cervical cancer must be excluded
  • Currently undergoing treatment for cervical cancer
  • Currently enrolled in the Compass Pilot Study
Participant Information Women must be advised that:

  • Participation is entirely voluntary and consent can be withdrawn at any stage
  • All identified data collected is kept strictly confidential
  • Ethics approval has been granted
Participants Consent Before signing the woman should:

  • Be provided with the participant information sheet
  • Be given the opportunity to read the participant information sheet
  • Understand what she has read
  • Be given the opportunity to ask questions
  • Have agreed to take part in the trial
  • Have agreed to have the tests and treatments that are described
  • Consent to the use of personal and health information as described
Signing and women’s details
  • Consent form must be signed by the woman to document agreement to participate
  • It is important that the woman provides her mobile telephone number and email address