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This is the first large scale clinical trial internationally to assess primary HPV DNA testing and Liquid Based Cytology screening tests in a popultation that is highly vaccinated against HPV. A total of 76,000 women consented into the trial, making it the largest randomised controlled trial in Australia.

Primary HPV DNA testing has been reviewed and endorsed as a primary cervical screening method by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.A number of large scale randomised controlled trials of primary HPV DNA screening have found that HPV screening is more sensitive in detecting precancerous lesions than cytology-based screening and that it can safely be conducted at a longer interval (see fig 1). However to date there have been no specific trials that support primary HPV DNA testing for cervical screening in the Australian context.

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Fig 1. Kaplan-Meier plots of cumulative incidence rate for CIN3+ for women according to baseline test results in first 72 months of follow-up, excluding Denmark and Tübingen.

Dillner J et al. BMJ 2008;337:bmj.a1754 ©2008 by British Medical Journal Publishing Group

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