On behalf of the Compass Register and the Compass Research team, we would like to thank you for your ongoing participation in the Compass Trial. 

Currently VCS Foundation collects your information in accordance with your consent given at enrolment in the Compass Trial. The consent includes authorisation to have your cervical screening records collected and managed by the Compass Register operated by VCS Foundation. 

Your cervical screening records held by the Compass Register will be provided to the National Cancer Screening Register (National Register) to support your ongoing screening in the National Cervical Screening Program upon your completion of the Compass Trial. We have been working with the Australian Department of Health and the National Register to establish a process for the safe, timely and secure transfer of your information to the National Register. 

Please be aware that you can choose not to have your information transferred to the National Register. This will mean that you will be opted out of the National Register and will not receive invitations and reminders to screen once you complete the Compass Trial. The National Register will also not accept or record any of your screening tests or related information and will not carry out follow-up activities. If you would like to know more about the National Cancer Screening Register you can visit their website at www.ncsr.gov.au. 

It is planned to transfer records to the National Register in two phases: 

1) Phase one will involve an initial one-off transfer of your cervical screening records to the National Register containing your screening tests and related information dated up to 1 December 2017. This will allow the National Register to work on creating a record for you in preparation for you completing the Trial. During this phase, the Compass Register will continue to manage all your information and provide all cervical screening follow-up and reminder services as usual. 

2) Phase two will involve the transfer of your remaining information when you have finished the Trial. You will receive a letter from the Compass Register confirming you have completed the Trial and that we will commence the transfer of your remaining information to the National Register. Once your information is received by the National Register, they will send you invitations and reminder letters when you are next due for cervical screening and provide any required follow-up services. 

If you decide you do not wish to have your records sent to the National Register please contact the Compass hotline on 1800 611 635 (free call) at any time. 

About one month prior to the transfer of your records we will write to you to give you a further opportunity to let us know that you do not wish to have your records transferred to the National Register.  If we do not hear from you within 30 days after we send the letter, your records will be transferred. 

For more information on the Compass Register and the process for managing your cervical screening records once you have completed the Trial, please contact the Compass hotline, free call 1800 611 635. 

Thank you once again for taking part in the Compass trial and contributing towards a better cervical screening program for all Australian women.